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Upstart is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) lending platform designed to improve access to affordable credit while reducing the risk and costs of lending for their bank partners.

Like many companies, Upstart grew rapidly and this growth led to some of its branded applications falling outside of the brand guidelines. That's why Allison Huber, the Content Marketing Manager at Upstart along with her team began the project of putting onbrand past applications, current applications and creating templates for future ones.

This is why we were chosen for the task of correctly applying and expanding Upstart's brand in brochures, case studies, banners and video.


Motion Graphics, Deliverables, Marketing collateral, Video Editing.





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We have great collaboration with Citriq and their amazing team of specialists. Their attention to detail, quick response time and creative approach made our projects move forward faster than expected and with excellent results.

Thanks to the flexibility, quality and easy communication with Citriq, my marketing team and I were able to delegate the design and concentrate on our areas of expertise."

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-Allison Huber

Content Marketing Manager at Upstart

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The project starts by redoing more than 50 banners for Upstart's Learning Hub, where we were able to test the reach of the brand and the different ways to apply it. 

We also started to work on other formats, such as a long format brochure and case studies both online and in PDF format.

In this way, we were able to test and analyze various ways in which the Upstart brand can communicate through its branding. Always focusing on brand values and emphasizing the use of artificial intelligence, inclusivity and ease of use.

The website

Using custom illustrations, photo editing and a mix of both, more than 50 banners were created to unify the brand's visual communication. Always in line with the content of each of the articles and stories that were published. 

So when someone shares one of these stories on any social network, Upstart's communication will be reflected in both its images and content. 

Case Studies

One of the main tools to communicate the benefits of your product are the opinions of happy customers. And upstart has plenty of them. 

The creation of these case studies was done both in its online version (directly on Hubspot) and in PDF version for those who prefer to download the document. In both cases, Upstart's visual communication always follows a clear line of design.

Citriq creative studio agency, design, video, marketing,  studio agency in europe paris, in london, in United States of America, in USA


The main video application was designed for social media, where a logo reveal, an intro, lower thirds and an outro were created. All this to make the video that is shared (mainly on LinkedIn) look more professional and at the level of other applications of the Upstart brand.

The icons

A lot of the communication is in the details and those details can be the icons that go along the text and brand applications.

Unlike the icons used in product design, the icons that were generated for visual communication come to have more than one version, in this case, having the one-color version and the full-color version, as shown here.

This type of icons were used for the case studies as well as for the banners and the brochure.

Citriq creative studio agency, design, video, marketing,  studio agency in europe paris, in london, in United States of America, in USA


In this way, Upstart continues to work to unify its brand across all its touch points. From its banners to its brochures through its social media. Showing that a project like this is not difficult if there is a good team collaborating behind it.

Citriq creative studio agency, design, video, marketing,  studio agency in europe paris, in london, in United States of America, in USA

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