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brand guide

Hello fellow designer, if you are here it is because you need to use the MBH brand in some application. 

Here we will show you in a very easy way what elements shape the brand and how to apply them.

Our logo

The logo

The wordmark

The logo is presented always horizontally and usually in a negative form (with a dark background). The logo must always be used in monochrome.

Looking for the logo? Access both the pixel-perfect and editable versions, available for download. 

Let it breathe

Like any graphic element, the MBH logo needs space to work properly. The minimum space it needs is marked here. For optimal logo presentation, the space box matches half its height, forming a square layout that enhances visual appeal and maintains reading integrity. If there is an opportunity, you should always give it more space for the logo to do its job.

Cursor over

Positive and negative

As mentioned above, the MBH logo will always be monochromatic. Whenever possible, the color anthracite will be used before black. Depending on the application, it will be used in positive or negative.

Do's and don'ts

From creative to creative, we know you know that the MBH logo should not be modified in any way. It should not be stretched, rotated, elongated, superimposed, extended or any other modification you can think of. 

If you will use a solid color, do it with anthracite, black or white. Never any other color. And as you might guess, as much as possible, avoid using backgrounds other than black, anthracite or white backgrounds.

Color palette 

Color palette







Main palette

The MBH color palette has three colors. White, black and anthracite.

Whenever possible, anthracite should be used before black, either as a background color or as the color of the logo.



The official font

The official typeface of MBH is the "Karla" typeface. It was selected for its clean, geometric lines, recalling the typefaces of the mid-eighties, when technology and personal computers were beginning to play a more important role in everyday life.

MBH uses mainly light weight for all its communication. If you want to emphasize the text, you can use the Bold weight. Do not use the Medium weight, neither for body text nor for highlights, as there will not be enough contrast.

If you need it, you can download it here:

Need anything else? Talk to our team

Send us a message to find out what you need and how we can help you.

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