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Our brand style guide

Hello fellow designer, if you are here it is because you need to use our brand in some application. 

Here we will show you in a very easy way what elements shape our brand and how to apply them.


Our logo

Our logo

The wordmark

Our logo is presented always horizontally and usually in a negative form (with a black background). The accent color that comes from our icon, the half lemon will always be presented with the color Hex #00CA00.

Let it breathe

Like any graphic element, our logo needs space to work properly. The minimum space it needs is marked here. If there is an opportunity, you should always give it more space for the logo to do its job.

Positive and negative

As mentioned above, the logo is usually presented in negative space, with a black background. If this is not possible, there is a positive version in white.

If it will be on a dark photographic background, the negative should be taken. If the photographic background is light, the positive version should be taken. 

Our logo will never be used on a green background. 

Do's and don'ts

From creative to creative, we know you know that our logo should not be modified in any way. It should not be stretched, rotated, elongated, superimposed, extended or any other modification you can think of. 

If you will use a solid color, do it with black or white. Never any other color. And as you might guess, as much as possible, avoid using backgrounds other than black, gray or white backgrounds.

Color palette 

Color palette




Main palette

Our main palette has three colors. White, black and green accent.

If your design will be with black background, the remaining elements will be white and green will be used as accent color. Normally this percentage is 60% black, 30% white and 10% green.

In case your background is white, the percentages of black and white are reversed, but green will never be the main color.






Secondary palette

For visual support, we will use the colors shown here. These colors will never be the main color of the compositions, but will accompany the brand, for example in illustrations, photographs and animation.

Oh, and of course, each color can be accompanied with its brighter or darker version to create shadows and glows in illustrations.




Stylistic approach

Our illustrations should be simple, with basic geometric shapes and a very friendly tone in both curves and general construction. To add a " hand-made " touch, a texture is used to shade the main elements of the compositions. If this type of shading or gloss cannot be given to the pieces, it is best to avoid it before changing the style.

photography example 2.png
photography example 3.png


Within the brand

For photography, it is always  important to have an external color accent. It can be either a green tone or a color within our color palette. In this way, we will have original portraits that tell a story.


Portraits always have to be well cared for and stylized. The "take my picture while I look distracted" style photographs do not fit our brand. 

Silvain Vernet Linkurious Citriq testimonial-SharpenAI-Motion.png
Allison Huber Upstart Citriq testimonial-SharpenAI-Softness.png

Testimonial and external

For clients and people who give their opinion and testimonials about our services and brand, it is important to differentiate them from internal collaborators of our network. Their photos should be treated in black and white and if necessary, with a green background. If the application does not allow it, it is better to avoid the green background.



Stylistic approach

Our icons, as well as the entire brand, are based on the same concept. Using green as an accent color in one of the elements.

The icons will be linear. As a straight line and square edges. We must avoid having envelopes in the icons and let them breathe with the background in which they are. As in the illustrations, the icons should always be formed with basic and simple shapes.



Humans after all

Behind every company, behind every email and behind every message there is a person (not counting the thousands of bots on social media). We are not different. Our voice is divided in two. Expressive and helpful. 

We exist to help our clients and we connect with them because we are not just another agency. We are people who connect and understand the people behind every post, every campaign and every company. 


We write and express ourselves as people, because well... we are. Before being a designer, before being a creative or before being a freelancer, we are human. In this way we seek to connect with the people in front of us (or on the video call). By finding and understanding that connection, that's when big changes can happen.

We write and communicate naturally but always in a well thought out way. 

We are a voice that speaks its mind but reflects before saying it. We listen more than we speak.


We exist to help our customers. Whatever their creative problem, we will find a solution for them. In other cases we will find the problem behind what they think they need.

In order to help and solve those problems it is key to listen. Just as we will know that our communication is effective. 



Written style

Our fonts are licensed for use. If you need them, do not hesitate to send us an email and depending on the use you need, we can help you to have the license or extend ours. 

Need anything else? Talk to our team

Send us a message to find out what you need and how we can help you.

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