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An entire creative department for hire

Imagine having the expertise of an agency with the stability and transparency of an in-house team. With Citriq, you get all the benefits of an in-house designer plus a great experience while working remotely. We’ve combined the best of both worlds from both internal and external teams.

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Save your

Invest your budget where you need it most, because you don't have to pay for sick leave, vacations, taxes for each employee, etc. We take care of it for you.


No surprise charges

If you choose to work on a recurring basis, having a day-based system, you are in complete control of your expenses. You can anticipate when and how to speed up or slow down your workloads.


Hassle-free hiring process

Our network of designers and creatives have experience, large portfolios and soft skills that allow them to work productively in a team. A new in-house designer has to go through months of training before they can start working on a project efficiently. So, no need to worry about finding the perfect member for your team, we've already done it for you.


Integrated creative director

You may have experienced that frustrating feeling when something gets lost in translation after communicating your ideas or goals. Our creative director will make sure that your vision is correctly captured in all the applications of the project.


A whole team has your back

If a difficult task comes up, our specialists can consult with their colleagues, have their work peer-reviewed and come up with new ideas, which means they can tackle the task faster.


Likewise, if your project requires special services such as music, 3D visualization, video production, etc., by simply adding those modules for the desired time, your project will be smooth as butter.


Scale up or down your workload

Need twice as many people on your projects? Just let us know and we can double the workload to meet your deadlines or, on the other hand, decrease the time and focus on the most important tasks.

Silvain Vernet Linkurious Citriq testimonial-SharpenAI-Motion.png


Citriq could be considered as a part time member of our marketing team! A versatile and seasoned team of designers working with 3 of us on a weekly basis for months to support our marketing efforts on a variety of graphic design work ranging from video production and brochure creation to advertising material, illustrations, slide deck cosmetics and more.


Not only are they flexible, easy to work with and responsive on all of our projects but also managed to capture the essence of a new brand visual identity developed by another agency, contributed to rolling it out smoothly and making it evolve, almost acting now as our brand manager. We are thankful to have them by our side."

Head Of Marketing at Linkurious

-Silvain Vernet

Allison Huber Upstart Citriq testimonial-SharpenAI-Softness.png


We have great collaboration with Citriq and their amazing team of specialists. Their attention to detail, quick response time and creative approach made our projects move forward faster than expected and with excellent results.

Together we worked on a variety of work, from creating white papers, to landing pages, to banners for our blog, to ebooks. 
They also assisted in the graphic design work of a website overhaul and were responsive and efficient on a tight timeline. 

Thanks to the flexibility, quality and easy communication with Citriq, my marketing team and I were able to delegate the design and concentrate on our areas of expertise."

Content Marketing Manager at Upstart

-Allison Huber

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